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Private Taxis in Morocco

Private taxi companies in Morocco are in high demand due to the often poor conditions of grand taxis and petit taxis. These still remain popular forms of transport for adventure travellers and those on a budget, and can be very affordable if you are good at haggling for your taxi in Morocco. However, for those with a bigger budget, travelling with a private company represents are much more comfortable and convenient option for only a slightly higher price than the public taxis. Those travelling with children will also appreciate the amenities that a private transport company in Morocco can offer, such as seat belts, air bags, trained drivers and child seats.

The other advantage of travelling with a private taxi company in Morocco is that the service provided is door-to-door. This means that your driver will pick you up from the address you choose, and drop you off at the address you choose. You don’t have to worry about finding the grand taxi rank, and then haggling with the driver. You also don’t have to worry about unsafe drivers, or about having to share your vehicle with strange people.

There are not many private taxi companies in Morocco – mainly due to the difficulty of obtaining an official tourist transport licence. Many companies do not hold this licence, and grand taxis are legally not permitted to take you on day trips or excursions (even when booked through a hotel or agency).

TangierTaxi, despite its name, offers transport in all of Morocco and not just Tangier. They always get good reviews online. I have personally used them on my last few trips to Morocco and the service is always very professional. Their website advertises bases in Tangier, Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech, so you’re covered in all of the major cities if you are in need of a private, air-conditioned vehicle and English-speaking driver. They are fully licenced and insured to provide tourist transport throughout Morocco.

You can visit their website at:

Here are some other private companies (but they do not have websites, you must call):

-PHP Transfert (Marrakech) +212 539 438 012
-Aiya Agence (Rabat) +212 862 049 655

At the moment I am unaware of other private companies in Morocco that are fully licenced and insured to offer transport and day trips to tourists. This page will be updated regularly if more information comes to light.