Welcome! Information about taking taxis in Morocco is quite difficult to find online, so I set up this simple website to help with that. On this website, you can find information about taking grand taxis, petit taxis, and much more. You can also find interesting tips for haggling in Morocco, along with information specific to each city (like Chefchaouen or Marrakech).

Our Grand Taxi Fare Calculator will be very helpful for you if you plan on using grand taxis to travel from city to city in Morocco. Tourists are often quoted inflated prices compared to what the locals pay, so by using this calculator you can estimate the cost of your taxi and ensure that you are not being taken advantage of.

Taxis in Morocco are a great way to get around, and can be very cheap compared to European standards. However, bear in mind that the standard of vehicle will not be the same as in Europe, and the car may not have air-conditioning or even seat belts. However, this is all part of the African experience!

Learning some Arabic expressions will really help you to get around in Morocco. French is not spoken by everyone, and even if you speak some French, you may¬†find it difficult to understand the locals unless you are a native/advanced speaker. This is because Moroccan French is heavily accented, and uses many Arabic words. Some people still have bad feelings about the French colonisation, so it’s best to learn some Arabic expressions for taking taxis in order to avoid any possible confrontation.

In general, taking taxis within cities in Morocco is a safe way to get around. It’s much better than renting a car because as you will see, the roads in cities like Casablanca and Fes are absolute chaos. If you are not experienced with driving in conditions like this, you may cause damage to your hire car and have to pay a hefty repair fee. Drivers in Morocco do not follow the rules, and traffic lights are ignored, so for first-time visitors it would be best to let a local drive you around.

Taking grand taxis from city to city is less safe due to the condition of the vehicles and bad driving habits. Coupled with a lack of seat belts, taking grand taxis is really only recommended if you are travelling without children and ready for an adventure experience. Moroccan drivers go very fast, and take incredible risks (like overtaking on corners on winding mountain roads), so unless that sounds fun for you, then you should look for alternative means of transport!